Investment hotspots in Iskandar and Melaka

Christ Church Melaka is one of Melaka's iconic landmarks.

Christ Church Melaka is one of Melaka’s iconic landmarks.

I have been incredibly blessed in my career as a property journalist to cover the Malaysian property market across different states. In my course of work, I have had the privilege to interview and pick the brains of some of the top decision makers in the industry.

While property prices in Malaysia are relatively cheaper compared to Singapore. There are some inherent risks. At the top of many investors’ mind at the moment is the impending outcome of the general election expected to take place on 5 May this year. Many investors, who are unsure how the property market will pan out, are adopting a ‘wait-and-see attitude’. “Should the opposition wins, what will happen?” they ask.

Like every investment that you are considering, you should do plenty of research and understand the product that you are investing in. I have seen investors who adopt the herd mentality – they go in when they see the market is hot, they retreat when others tell them the market is riddled with risks.

At the same time, I have also seen investors who went into Iskandar back in 2006 when there was still not much confidence in the property market and their properties have appreciated threefold. Now, we see a lot of interest among Singaporeans after they see CapitaLand and Temasek are now in Iskandar. Had they known there are hotspots back in 2006, they would have equally benefited from the property market, rather than be driven by fear that Iskandar is a ‘buyer’s beware market’.

Likewise, Melaka is an up and coming investment destination where there are still good deals in the market as property prices there are still very affordable. Yet, there are investors who are unsure about the property market and its potential.

In my property talk tomorrow, I will be sharing with you my research, insights and property knowledge covering the Malaysian property market since 2008. While the burning question on many investors’ mind is the outcome of the general election, I hope you are able to make a critical analysis on both property markets based on my sharing session tomorrow as well as your own research. Details of my property talk can be found below:

ST Ad 26 May 2012


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